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Life Insurance

Personal or business life insurance

Business or personal analysis to meet your growing needs

Whether you are looking for Key Man Business Life Insurance or Personal Life Insurance let K&P help. We have access to all of the top shelf carriers and direct access to Underwriters. We make the process as smooth as possible.

Key Man Business Insurance

Just as life insurance protects a family from financial catastrophe in the event of the death of the primary breadwinner, key man life insurance protects a business from financial disaster.

A key man life insurance policy can insure employees and members of the board of directors at large and small companies. Large companies, especially those that have publicly traded stock or those that have issued bonds, almost always have key man insurance policies in place as part of a succession plan to cover any business interruption that would occur if a key player were to die.

Key man insurance can be purchased to cover the death of the founder or owner of the company, an executive, a leading sales person, attorney or any other employee whose contributions to the company are so great that the future of the company would be in doubt if he or she were to die or become permanently disabled and unable to work.

Personal Insurance

Reasons why you need life insurance

Current Plan

Reviewing your life insurance is an integral piece to your financial plan – Let us review your current policy in relation to any of the events below:
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